Arab Greetings

Ok, enough with my hilarious adventures. It is time for some more information about Arabs and Arabic.

Arab greetings are one thing that I kind of wish Americans would pick up--but in English, of course. When you greet someone, it is a sort of mini-contest to see who can say the most greetings the fastest.

This is how it goes (between girls, at least--I don't really talk to the men here, so you will have to find a different source for that gender). A girl/woman (just know I mean female of whatever age when I say girl) will walk up to another girl, and start the greetings. These include sayings such as:


"How are you?"

"Where have you been? I haven't seen you in [2 days, or some sort of long period of time like that]! Have you been avoiding me?"

"What's your news?"

"What's your color?" (My personal favorite, and which Iraqis say--I always respond with "yellow")

"How is your family/your studies/your work?"

And all of this while they are kissing each other on both cheeks.

After they finish the first round and the kissing (one on the right and anywhere from 1-3 on the left, depending on how good of friends they are) they start it all over again.

"How are you? What's your news? What's your color?"

This can go on for several minutes before they get to actual conversation.

So, how about it? What's your color?


The Paradox said...

Whoa...I think I'm cerise today...

The Paradox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chicken Dust said...

Last I checked I was white...

(hopefully no one reads this who will not understand that statement)

Bridget said...

This is one of those Arabic habits that's made it into my English. Especially on the phone. I feel compelled to ask someone how they're doing five different ways before I get to what I actually need from them. Maddening, but at least it's polite.

breanne said...

Chicken dust, I was so offended when I read your statement. But then I realized that perhaps you were talking about your name...and not just your race...

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