Helpful Posts for Jordan Study Abroad Students

Today I was a "guest speaker" in the Jordan Fall 2011 Study Abroad prep class. I am pretty sure I terrified everyone there with my story about language exhaustion and discouragement. Hopefully some of them will look at a few of my blog entries and know that not everything was bad!

Anyway, even if none of them look at this, here are a few helpful entries about culture, things to do in Jordan, language learning, and other things.

Cultural Experiences
Public Transportation
Phone Calls
Arab Greetings
"No Smoking"
Hints for Sick Travelers

Language Frustrations

In and Around Amman
The University of Jordan
A Visit to an Arab Home
Museums of Folklore and Popular Culture

From the Branch in Jordan
The Branch in Al-Husn

Just So You Remember to Laugh
Arab Effectiveness
The Odd, The Creepy, and...Time
Strange Translations
On Being a Different Nationality
Watermelon Babies and Taxi Drivers

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