I'm Back!!

Dear loyal fans and readers (all 1 of you)--I'm back from my mission to Taiwan. And I still have a few vague memories about Jordan, and a lot of pictures. And I'm pretty sure I said I would talk about Arab weddings, garbage city, Arabic style part 2, and a few other things.

So, although I might be the only one who would even read this blog anymore, time permitting, I will continue this record.



WhiteMama said...

I' still here.

WhiteMama said...

Whoops, actually that's I'm still here.

The Author said...

I came across your blog during a Google search to find Arabic language resources in Utah. My husband is Palestinian (though mostly raised in the US) and I'd like to learn more Arabic than the dozen or so words I've learned so far. I've been looking at the Arabic classes offered at SLCC (I live in Salt Lake), but am not so sure that learning MSA is best. Do you have any advice you could give me?

Jeana Salman, jeanasalman@gmail.com

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